School-related Prerequisites

11岁至19岁的学生可以在bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注留学一年. 11岁以下的学生必须与父母或近亲住在一起.

Most exchange students with good English skills will be integrated directly into school classes in Australia. In addition, all of our high schools normally offer additional English lessons for students who need some extra support. 关于英语作为第二语言(ESL)课程的细节可以在页面上找到 The Australian School System.

If, however, 你目前的英语水平会限制你参加课堂, 在你融入主流课程之前,你可能需要上一门英语强化课程. Some schools offer 10-week high school English preparation courses on site and these can easily be extended if required. 这个高中准备计划也在页面上有更详细的描述 The Australian Education System.

Two-Year Study Abroad Option: This option is for those students wishing to complete the final two years of study at an Australian high school and sit the Australian high school exam. Australian high school study abroad programs are also possible for a full two years (Years 11 and 12). This option suits international students wishing to enter university as the Australian high school examination is recognised by universities both here in Australia and other countries.

Student Visa

在bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注上学,你需要一个特殊的学生签证(500类). As well as attending school, student visa holders can also work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during their stay in Australia.

To apply, you need the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and Welfare Letter from your Australian school (Steps 6 and 7).

获得签证至少需要4周的时间. 你不能在计划到达前四个月之前申请. The visa is usually valid from one week before you start your school placement until approximately one week after you complete your school placement. (然而,这可能因学校而异). 机票需要相应地预订. Anyone arriving in Australia prior to the effective starting date of the visa will be sent home immediately by Australian immigration authorities, without exception.

Students having a break

Health Insurance

All schools require you to be covered by an Australian health insurance policy (Overseas Student Health Cover – OSHC). The school will arrange this kind of health cover for you; policies cost approximately $300 AUD for six months. 你开学第一天就会拿到保险卡, 但该保单从您第一次到达bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注之日起有效.

职业安全和健康委员会为你在bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注期间的医生和医院相关的基本健康费用提供保障. 请注意专科治疗如牙科, 光学和物理治疗不包括在内,一些医疗费用只部分包括在内. OSHC does not cover you for illness or injury on your way to and from Australia and so we strongly recommend that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance before you leave home. Protrip-World 提供良好的海外旅行健康保险.